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Early in my life, I was fortunate to have a mentor, my cousin, Louise, who regularly took me to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan every few weeks so that my mother could have some time visiting with  her mother in the upper east side.  As Louise was a very talented artist herself and an art teacher, she opened my eyes to the world as reflected by artists from all times and how they conveyed their messages with power and sustainability over the years, not to mention, great beauty and skill!  I knew that someday I would make an effort to join this rank out of sheer love of what I see in my everyday experience. Art will always occupy a place of importance in society and culture along side of technological advances and we celebrate that even while visiting our favorite masters of the past.

I have always intended that my work will bring joy and a feeling of connectivity to the world and some of my clients over the years have stated so which of course brings me joy and a sense of full circle!


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